All you need to know about Google’s +1

The addition of the “+1” button in order to induce attitude of users in its search results has created a lot of criticism due to the company not addressing this addition as an official statement.

Provided below are a few questions that were answered by Google representative Jim Prosser to

Why has Google initiated this?

Google has suggested that the primary reason for doing so is to make the search results more interesting and connected to the user. This of course, is substituted by the reason of Google competing with Facebook. Prosser said, “People consult their friends and other contacts on decisions. It’s very easy and lightweight way to make search results more relevant.”

Will the number of +1s affect search rankings?

At the moment, Prosser has confirmed that it would not be the case but added further that Google are quite interested in integrating this for search engine purposes at some point in the future.

Who are these contacts we’re seeing next to the +1s?

These contacts are by default from Google Contacts that are allocated for a plethora of Google products including Gmail, Buzz and Reader.

Will we see Facebook friends giving +1s at some point?

May not be the case. Prosser firmly asserts the dissimilarity between the ‘open web’ and Facebook’s closed environment. Google is ready to make collaborative efforts with open source apps but resists doing the same with Facebook.

Does Twitter have a chance?

That looks more optimistic. Google nonetheless already integrates Twitter data in its search engine. Although Prosser argued that there don’t seem to be any immediate plans to put this into action and incorporate Twitter results with +1.

When will we start seeing the +1s?

The mass effectual results are not applicable for a few months yet. Nonetheless, those who cannot wait to play with this platform can go to to experiment with the same. Prosser also added that a tiny percentage of sites would have the “+1” button in the coming weeks.

Will +1 be a part of banner ads?

Not momentarily, but could be a prospect Google would look at in the near future.


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