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Mobile technology on web

More people than ever are choosing to browse the web using mobile phones or other portable web enabled devices, and a Mac Expo WAP or mobile web site for your company gives your business one more way to be in touch with your customers.

MMS / Multimedia Messaging
MMS stands for multimedia messaging. This allows pictures to be used in messaging, and can be a real time saver when it comes to things like reporting accident claims to insurance companies. A picture really is worth 1,000 words, and your business can take advantage of this with picture messaging solutions from Mac Expo.

QR Codes

QR stands for quick response. QR codes were originally used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing. They are similar to barcodes, and they sometimes show up on shipping packages. But today they’re used in many other contexts as well, including convenience applications specifically for mobile phone users. This is known as mobile tagging. QR codes that store addresses and URLs sometimes show up in magazines, signs, buses, business cards, or many other media. Users with a camera phone equipped with reader software can scan the QR code, which will then direct the phone’s browser to launch and redirect to the programmed URL.
The beauty of QR codes is that they allow information to be stored in a graphical form so that users with camera-equipped mobile devices can read and access the information easily. Whether they contain plain text, embedded URLs, or some other information, QR codes are a convenient method of interacting with customers.
It is now possible to send pictures, videos, or business cards to prospective customers as they pass your office or do their shopping. Engaging with bluetooth devices is an easy way to provide information that potential customers can take away for later use.

Mobile Payments / E-ticketing
Customers like the idea of avoiding the hassle of collecting and remembering tickets through using mobile applications. With these, the customer can simply bring their phone along to the event to prove that they have admittance, making paper tickets one less thing to have to remember.
The options for communicating with customers on their mobile devices are many, and they are increasing all the time. Let Mac Expo help your company take advantage of these novel opportunities. For more information, call us at 0845 0 347 347 or email us at

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