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Text messaging is a routine part of everyday life these days. Text messages can provide customer updates, advertising messages, and can even be used to procure products and services. Mac Expo has the expertise you need for taking advantage of the SMS platforms so that your business can keep in contact with customers in a helpful and non-annoying manner.
SMS stands for short message service, and it is the most used mobile service. Every year, over one trillion messages are sent, covering every topic imaginable, from who is meeting at the pub for a drink to sales promotions, to emergency medical advice. If your business can harness the power of SMS, you’ll have a personalized way of touching base with your customers. You also have another way to receive instant feedback without having to use manned call centers.

The Advantages Of SMS
An SMS ad campaign has many benefits to your company. Compared to email marketing, SMS ads give you the advantage of reaching customers wherever they are. It also eliminates the hassles of dealing with email server blacklisting and spam filters. It allows you not only to communicate, but also to make payments with something called reverse SMS billing. The ability for customers to purchase goods and services through their mobile phone bill is a great convenience for both businesses and consumers.

The amount of time it takes to send and receive SMS is minimal, and that’s important for time-starved customers. If your customers can manage their accounts by SMS, or do other functions like renewing insurance policies with a few clicks on their mobile device, they’re bound to think positively of your company and its ability to keep up with the times.

Common Uses For SMS

There are literally dozens of ways SMS can help your company but some of the most popular uses today are:
    Insurance Quotations – many insurance companies and comparison sites now send out quote summaries to customers via SMS
    Sales Promotions – alerting customers to sales events and new items or sending out special discount codes by SMS.
    Car Parking – many councils and car park operators now allow people to pay for their parking by SMS. This removes the hassle of the customer having to have change for systems such as Pay & Display.

    Ordering – Many restaurants are now offering the ability to order by SMS
Mac Expo can help your company succeed in the world of mobile devices, please give us a call on 0845 0 347 347 or email us at

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