10 Pointers to Increase Traffic to Your Website Design London Part 2

6. Video marketing:

As is, Google owns YouTube which consists of 85% of all video traffic. Implementing video marketing is a wise way of sprouting up on the search engines to widen your website design London traffic base.

7. Email marketing:

Always make sure of including a link to your web design London site when sending out emails to your mailing list. Also induce information about blog updates and new product/service message.

8. Publish a newsletter:

The correct term is ‘Ezines’ and these have been online for a decade and a half now. Due to their historic stance, this is a very fruitful way for your London digital agency to impart crucial information to people whilst endorsing a service or product in the newsletter itself.

9. Viral marketing:

It is always beneficial when word of mouth does play out the way you want it to and surely resourceful when it is to do with your website design London business. Some methods of inducing a viral is by including reports, articles, ebooks and the likes of such. A video on YouTube may also be an option due to the viral nature of videos.

10. Go offline:

Driving traffic to your web design London site may not have to be online only. Other traditional methods such as flyers, business cards, newspaper ads and radio can also be used to give your traffic possibilities more depth. But due to the cost factors being high, this method is often not used.

Now you have at your disposal, 10 great ideas to increase website design London traffic. Instead of focussing on 1 or 2 methods, broadening your prospects to reach out to your audience may well be worth it.


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