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It seems that just about everyone these days has a smart phone, and business owners and webmasters alike want to know how to optimize their website for mobile users. There are some general rules of thumb that must be remembered when you start this process. Mac Expo knows the pitfalls of optimizing for mobile browsers, and we can help you avoid them. Some websites have automatic generation of mobile pages under the same URLs as the regular website, while some businesses have dedicated mobile pages, and some have special subdomains for mobile devices.

With automatic generation of mobile pages using the same URL, the biggest benefit is that the URL doesn’t matter. However a user gets to your site on his or her mobile device, they’re expecting specific content. It’s a matter of stripping or modifying content based on client needs and capabilities. This may not be possible in all situations, however.

There is a good case for presenting different content based on the browser. That’s because the needs of mobile users may be completely different. Mobile browsers are often searching for specific information, while desktop browsers may be casually surfing. Adding a particular subdomain, such as mobile.yourwebsitename.tld is another way of opening your website to mobile users. If you deliver different content to mobile users than to desktop users. Yet another option is using .mobi as the top level domain for your mobile version (as in www.yourwebsitename.mobi). The disadvantage is that having another top level domain does force you to redirect users, which can be challenging if you run more than one international site, each having its own top level domain.

The point is, there are a number of ways to approach optimizing your company’s web content for mobile users, and Mac Expo can work with you to help you figure out which method will work best for you. You must keep in mind that the mobile browsing context is more demanding on the user and make it as easy as possible for him or her. Most people browsing on their iPhone are in transit or doing other things at the same time. So you want to remember that mobile users don’t want the detailed specs on your product, they don’t want to read your equal opportunity employer statement, and they probably don’t care about your mission statement if they’re trying to find out if their flight has been delayed. You’ll want to keep text short and direct, and nix any big adverts on the screen. They delay loading and fill up the screen disproportionately.

To find out more about how Mac Expo can help your company optimize your content for mobile users, please give us a call on 0845 0 347 347

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